Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's not bury the lede

Lake Forest Park (Rooters): Today at about 8:30 pm PDT, Walaka was offered a full-time tenure-track faculty position at Cascadia Community College. The offer came via telephone from a Vice President of the College. Walaka took the call on his cell phone in the food court of Third Place Books, where he had just been attending a book reading by noted author Michael Chabon.

The offer is official, and provisional only to the extent that a written offer will come forthwith from the President of the College; Walaka will be expected to reply to the offer in writing as well. Upon offer and acceptance, Cascadia Human Resources will determine the exact starting salary according to the current collective bargaining agreement.

Full-time status at Cascadia for Walaka will begin in September 2007, and will bring to an end three calendar years of adjunct teaching, during which time he will have taught the equivalent of four-and-a-half academic years at full load.

Walaka received the phone call in the company of Otis, J-Force, and new pal Marian the Librarian, who were enjoying coffee or tea and dessert in the bookstore/mall complex.

The job offer capped an already splendid day for Walaka, which had included an unexpected visit from Ms. Matcha and BabyKoa and a long walk in the afternoon sun, as well as teaching a noon class.


Origami Nightingale said...


- an adoring fan

Jon said...


Scotty Walsh said...

Congratulations! You're an inspiration to the entire League of the Underemployed!

Maggie said...


Anonymous said...

Walaka done good!


Yojimbo_5 said...

Well done!! Excellent news!!!!

(Now, turn in your League membership and card-key--you can no longer be a member)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for everything you've taught us about being underemployed, Obi-Walaka. We will miss you, and good luck in your new world!

I pledge to continue my unemployedness as long and forcefully as I can, never forgetting Walaka's Three Axioms Of Underemployment:

1) Never turn down free food.
2) Never turn down free money.
3) Never be ashamed to eat money if that's all you have on hand.


John said...

So... you haven't exactly said that you'll accept the position... are you as excited as the rest of us?

Congratulations man! Now you're the richest person Eric the Red knows.

Walaka said...


Jon: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scotty: A bad example, I hope.

Maggie: Wahoo yourself! What's your latest news, girl?

Di: I try!

JW5: Can I be emeritus?

Soapy: Never play poker with a man named Doc, and never eat at a place called Mom's.

John: Oh, yeah, I took it and called no backsies.

Thanks for the regards, everyone!

Ned said...

Dateline Madrid

Ned says: Congrats! Good on you. Best of luck. And all that rot.