Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bonus entry!

Since I worked hard today blah-blah and since I just finished a magnum opus of sorts - the three-hole-punching of the final draft of my first tenure review portfolio is still echoing in the house - and since tomorrow and the next day and the day after that will likely be jam-packed busy, I thought I'd drop another quick post onto the smoking bonfire of the blogosphere.

I probably shouldn't encourage him, but I just had to post this cannibalism quiz for Soapy. (I am only 35% likely to eat my buddies in a blizzard.)

This article about depression is really pertinent to a post-and-comment discussion on Stave It Off some time ago, but I can't find it to link to because Johnbai has a crappily-structured archive that doesn't allow quick perusal of titles.

Speaking of Johnbai, he posted his best movies of 2007. I'm not going to play that game (because, believe it or not, I did not keep a movie spreadsheet this year and don't care enough to go looking through my blog), but I can tell you without even thinking that the best movie of the year was Once.

(Oh yeah, and that Sunshine sucked. Definitely.)

So, is it just me, or is it a little weird to have Neds posting from Madrid again?

Speaking of Eurobloggers, Wheylona had been posting lots of pretty pictures before the nightmare of Mulletgate distracted her.

So, what's a better deal: $900 for a $1300 tadpole trike, or $100 for a $650 semi-recumbent? If I get the first one, this summer I will put my trailer on it and cruise the Burke-Gilman selling drinks, power bars, and flat repairs.

Watch out - it's gonna snow! Any time now! Really... no, c'mon, seriously. It will!

And for no reason at all, here's a picture of a cowgirl:


lowcoolant said...


lowcoolant said...

I've never understood the assumption that liking rare/raw meat makes it easier for someone to be a cannibal. I like steak well-done, but how I like my steak is irrelevant, because I'd cook the person to my liking. I'd make a fire. I'd use seasonings. I'm not a savage.

I also take issue with "Suppose you were in a restaurant and cooked human flesh was on the menu, what would you do?" I wouldn't order it. Because I'm not a fan of chicken skin, or alligator boots with mint jelly, or suede sandwiches. When I order steak I'm ordering muscle tissue! GOSH!

Origami Nightingale said...

My results:

You are 22% likely to eat your buddies!

Jon said...

26% and from the questions, I would surmise that my friends might be more likely to eat me first.

Anonymous said...

I am 19% likely to eat my buddies.

I saw Sunshine this weekend...finally, a 'space' movie I really liked.


Jon said...

So, as we are not playing that game, Margot and the Wedding was ruined by the 'acting' of Jack Black and the best movie I saw all year was The Savages. DDL will get Oscar as will NCFOM.

John said...


Jack is there for comic relief, not realism. And he provides that. Besides, Nicole Kidman provides all the chilling drama I could stand... I needed a chuckle or two in there.

But since you loved The Savages, I'm guessing realism is your cup of tea.

And Walter,
I didn't dislike Once, I just expected it to be better since everyone else loved it so much. I think if I had liked the music a bit more it would have helped. The plot seemed a little to thin for me.

I'm glad you liked Sunshine too!

John said...

Also, I'm 35% likely to eat you if you disagree with my movie rankings.

Jon said...

Vegetarian Man not afraid of you - even 35%. And, sorry - you can't get away with Jack Black as comic relief in a portrait of borderline psychosis. Apart from the fact that he isn't even acting but just doing the same old (and increasingly tiresome) schtick he seems to serve up in any and every movie now, it doesn't seem to serve any purpose in the movie unless you think he is there to counterpoise Kidman by being irritatingly infantile while she is just irritating.

I likes me realism as much as the next person (viz. Vera Drake) but my fave movie of last year was Pan's Labyrinth - hardly a straightforward take on the Spanish Civil War?

Yojimbo_5 said...

Well, if we're playing "lowball" here, I've got the winning hand--"Planet Terror," part of the "Grindhouse" film.

You know the biblical phrase "if your eyes offend thee, pluck them out?" I wanted to after this (and I picked it up at the Library!!). Then I thought "Why should I suffer? If I see him, I'll pluck out Robert Rodriguez's eyes."

Yojimbo_5 said...

Oh, and 57%, which belies my distaste for "Planet Terror."

I'm off to get a burger--feeling a bit peckish!

Ned said...

Only 22% likely, so I guess folks are safe from my weak, slow self.

My 2007 was far too busy for movie watching, so I have no opinion about anything. I thought Pan's Labyrinth, the only one mentioned which I've seen, kinda sucked, though. However, I was absolutely exhausted from something or another (last year's exams? think it came out in 2006 in Spain) when I saw it and fell asleep, so might be wise to just ignore me on that one. Or in general.