Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's Otis's birthday...

... and that's oh-kay!

Happy, happy birthday, baby!

Update, 9:50 pm:

After classes today, Otis and I did a little cebrelating!

First off: Iron Diners at Bamboo Garden:

We needed that grim determination to tackle the Sizzling Skewers... of Doom!

Fakon, chick'n, soysage, and peppers in a peanut sauce.

After dinner, we headed up to Seven Gables to see Darjeeling Limited. We both thought it was Wes Anderson's best work to date: more sincere, less ironic, and more complex. A good film.

Otis received wireless birthday wishes all night.

Then it was home for a little party!

No cake, but a cookie and leftover pie served just fine.

There you have it - life in the fast lane! Happy Birthday, Otis!

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