Sunday, January 08, 2006

Movie round-up

A belated response to Johnbai's best/worst list.

Note: I noticed that (quelle horreur!) that there seemed to be gaps in my spreadsheet. I think I have plugged all the holes. Since I saw relatively few movies (in the theater) this year, I just listed all of them with a comment.

The Life Aquatic: Nicely done, a little bit style over substance. I guess I don't resonate with the “bad dad” theme that is the thread here

In Good Company: Surprisingly good; some subtlety in performances and plot transcended a pedestrian situation.
Vera Drake: Brilliant, just brilliant.
The Incredibles: Best superhero movie ever. One of the best movies of the year, period.
Born into Brothels: Compelling subject matter; well done.
Schultze Gets the Blues: Totally cool.
The Sea Inside: Challenging and thought-provoking.
Bride and Prejudice: Hooray for Bollywood (lite)! Great fun.
Pizza: Well constructed and engaging.
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: Best bird-related documentary of the year.
Millions: You couldn't have not liked it.

Fantastic Four: One of the best translations of a particular superhero sensibility to the screen.
March of the Penguins: Second-best bird-related documentary of the year.
Sky High: Very amusing fluff, with extra bonus Bruce Campbell action that gave us a new tagline: Siiiiiiiiiiiiide-kick!
Mad Hot Ballroom: Not the best documentary, but fun stuff.
Batman Begins: A nice balance of comic book sensibility and mainstream action movie
War of the Worlds: I like Spielberg again, and even managed to stand Cruise for the duration
Me and You and Everyone We Know: Idiosyncratic and totally cool, and I hope to see more from Miranda July.
Serenity: Made me care about characters from a defunct TV show and was a rollicking good movie to boot.
King Kong: TOO!

(Apparently I was only supposed to list official 2005 movies.)


mel said...

Speaking of Serenity, are we on for next Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Next Sunday won't work for me - rehearsal has restarted so I'm unavailable from noon until 6pm. Saturday is wide open. Friday is too soon. Monday is way out.

But if the majority is up for next Sunday, then do it next Sunday. Leave me here. No Diane, get off my arm! Now take, I said TAKE THIS canteen. It's full. You'll need it for the road ahead. Just leave me here, I'll only slow you down. See this, Mel? This is what's called a full clip. So I'll take as many of 'em down as I can before they overrun the caravan up ahead. But rest assured: they won't take me alive.

Could we possibly break the marathon into two smaller marathons?


Johnbai3030 said...

RE: Firefly Marathon.
The Seahawks schedule is posted now... They play Saturday from 1:30 to 4ish. My preference therefore, is to watch the shows on Sunday. But I haven't been following everyone's day preferences. If everyone wants to do it on Saturday, then we could do it then, and I could slip out to a bar down the street and watch the Hawks game for a couple of hours and then come back. So I'M FLEXIBLE.

Johnbai3030 said...

And hey, weren't some of those films from last year?!

Diane said...

Sorry Walter, but a few of those films were 2004 (Vera Drake and Born into Brothels for sure).

RE Firefly: I have a class 9-5 on Sunday; Sat works but I'd have to duck out mid-day to give a massage. Don't know that I could sit for 10 straight hours anyway. Whatever y'all decide, I'll make some sort of appearance I'm sure.

walaka said...

John and Diane:

I saw Vera Drake on February 11, 2005.

I saw Born into Brothels on March 11, 2005.

Full details were posted here in August.

This spreadsheet has high credibility; the 2005-2006 records had some holes, but no errors.

Diane said...

Walter, it doesn't matter when you saw them, we are talking about when they were released. Vera Drake and Born into Brothels were both released in 2004, and nominated for Oscars in that year.
If I see "2001: A Space Odyssey" for the first time next week, that doesn't make it a 2006 film.

walaka said...

Gee, I guess since it was my list I figured I could pick the movies on it...

I'll get cracking on editing it right away so it meets specs.

Diane said...

Well of course it is your list, but you initiated it by referring to Johnbai's posted list, which he introduced as a review of the best/worst released films in 2005, so I was just following form. I think for best comparison we need to keep to 2005 releases. I am still working on mine.

Anonymous said...

B.S. Release dates don't matter in my world. They shouldn't matter in yours. Free your mind.

List whatever movies you saw in 2005. That's what I'm going to do, and I cannot be stopped. "Closer" was out in 2004, but lots of people didn't see it until 2005.


walaka said...

Sopay, are you going to list your movies on...


WV: zajzcedo

Sounds like the name of someone Soapy perfroms with.